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Márcia Fervienza Astrologia


The first PRESENTIAL WORKSHOP in RIO DE JANEIRO that will give you
teaches how to use tools from Astrology, Psychology and Coaching
to guide your relationships

"Nobody wants to be famous!
Everyone wants to be loved and heard!”

A Workshop that expands your knowledge and gives you back control over your love life

Curso formação Astrologia

In this Workshop, you will learn

Céu do dia Astrológico

A Workshop  

Due to the very limited number of places, we will work with EACH PARTICIPANT'S INDIVIDUAL NATAL CHARTS to use real cases and provide tools that are immediately applicable in practice!


Event Structure

8 o'clock

Arrival at the Space and Check-In!


Introductions and Presentations


Presentation of post-pandemic astrological trends regarding social distancing and relationships, considering the next relevant transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto

10:00 am

Presentation of the areas of the natal chart associated with relationships and areas that have an influence on our relationships, as well as the planets related to these matters (with the main focus on the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Juno - asteroid)

12:00 pm

Lunch break (Not included)


Study of the positioning of planets associated with relationships, childhood and parental relationships (including Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Juno) and their relationships with houses 4, 5, 7 and 8


Attachment styles and tendencies towards toxic relationships: how to identify them in the natal chart?


Coffee break - included


Case study: analysis of participants' maps, identifying barriers and opportunities related to building healthy and lasting loving bonds


Discussion of Astrology, Psychology and Coaching tools for overcoming barriers and eliminating obstacles to relational success, as well as "How to Use" challenging planets.



Mentoria para Empoderamento e Transformação

Why Take the Workshop?

At the end of the Workshop, you will know:

- What to expect in the next 12-24 months with regard to relational trends within a post-pandemic context, as indicated by transits occurring in the sky at the moment.

- What areas and planets in the natal chart relate to relationships, self-esteem, romance, passion, marriage, and relational attachment styles.

- The main indications of each planet in each of the areas associated with love and relationships, as well as their strengths and difficulties.

- How to identify astrological predispositions for toxic relationships in the natal chart.

- What are the strengths and weaknesses of YOUR map when it comes to relationships.

- How to use the planets present in each of these areas to bring love into your life.

- What Psychology and Coaching tools can support you on this journey.

Workshop Vs Individual Service


  • Visão geral das tendências dos próximos 12-24 meses no que se refere a relacionamentos no contexto pós-pandemia, segundo indicado pela Astrologia

  • Visão geral do funcionamento das casas e planetas astrológicos associados à romances e relacionamentos

  • Estudo do mapa individual com foco em relacionamentos, estilos de apego, origem de problemas relacionais, relacionamentos tóxicos, dinâmicas de sexo e poder, etc.

  • Identificação de crenças limitantes e obstáculos para uma vida amorosa bem sucedida, segundo apresentado pelo posicionamento dos planetas nas casas e seus aspectos

  • Estudo de formas positivas de usar os planetas que criam dificuldades associadas a relacionamentos

  • Aquisição de ferramentas da Psicologia e do Coaching para trabalho sobre as dificuldades apresentadas no mapa individual, segundo permita o contexto do encontro

  • Troca de experiências com outros participantes em um ambiente seguro e de confidencialidade, segundo o desejo do participante

  • Tempo total de trabalho: 8+ horas

Service. Individual

  • Não incluído

  • ​Não incluído, exceto mediante participação em cursos ou aquisição de aulas particulares

  • Estudo do mapa como um todo, focando igualmente em distintas áreas da vida

  • Identificação de crenças limitantes e obstáculos para o sucesso pessoal e profissional em geral

  • Não incluído, exceto através da contratação do serviço de coaching ou de aulas particulares

  • Não incluído, exceto através da contratação do serviço de coaching ou de aulas particulares

  • Não incluído

  • Tempo total de trabalho: 1 hora e meia

Márcia Fervienza Astrologia

Investment value: R$ 1,797.00

Para aprender sobre:

  • As tendências relacionais no contexto pós-pandemia durante os próximos 12-24 meses


  • Conceitos intermediários/avançados da Astrologia em relação a autoestima, estilos de relacionamento, expectativas amorosas, padrões automáticos de resposta a tentativas de proximidade e nutrição amorosa, e predisposição a vulnerabilidade afetiva. (Valor: R$ 1.000,00)

  • As fortalezas e debilidades do seu mapa natal no que diz respeito a relacionamentos (Valor: R$ 600,00)


  • Como utilizar os planetas para facilitar a realização amorosa em sua vida (Valor: R$ 1.050,00)


  • Ferramentas da Psicologia e do Coaching para superar obstáculos e crenças limitantes (Valor: R$ 2.280,00)

  • E passar mais de 8 horas em um dia aprendendo com a Márcia (Valor: R$ 2.400,00)

Você pagará somente R$ 1.797,00

Trabalhamos com cartões, boletos e parcelamentos em até 12 vezes!


And there's more...

Consultar mapa astral com astrólogo

We will offer, on the same weekend and location, an exclusive Workshop on Finance!

Those registered for the ENLACE Workshop will receive an additional exclusive discount for attending the Finance Workshop!

The Event Facilitator

Márcia Fervienza Astrologia

Márcia Fervienza has been an Astrologer and Coach for over 20 years with training in Clinical and School Psychology

Living outside Brazil since 2007, Márcia has a Master's degree in Clinical and School Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. Its proposal is to use Astrology, Psychology and Coaching to facilitate self-knowledge, empowerment and transformation!

Consultar mapa astral com astrólogo

Common questions

Who is the workshop for?


  • For those who are determined to take control of their love and relationship lives in 2021.

  • For those who want to understand the origin of their relationship obstacles and explore alternative options to live happier relationships.

  • For Astrology enthusiasts who want to learn more about the theory and practice of areas and planets in the chart associated with relationships.

  • For those who have been waiting for the moment to meet Marcia in person and share the energy and knowledge that only she has! <3



Who is the workshop NOT for?


  • For those who want a magical solution for their emotional relationships, for those who want to bring their loved one back in three days, and for those who want immediate resolution of deep-rooted psychological issues. The astral map is a guidance and self-knowledge tool that helps us make better decisions and live cycles with more harmony. But the work of change needs to be done by you!



Where : South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, RJ
(Location to be defined)
When : Sunday, August 22, 2021
Time : 08:30 to 18:00
Facilitator : Márcia Fervienza
Coffee break: Included
Lunch: Not included


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