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Personalized Astrological Services for Self-knowledge and Guidance

Astrologer 24 years ago

Márcia has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, creator of thousands of content. Furthermore, Márcia wrote and writes about Astrology on the main portals in Brazil: Gshow ; Earth ; Newspaper ; Capricho , among others. Márcia is also a teacher of several online Astrology Courses and once a year she gives an in-person Astrology Workshop.

Online Astrology Consultation

You can hire: natal chart for self-knowledge, prediction of important events in your personal year, analysis of the next 12 months, love compatibility, recommendation of favorable and unfavorable dates for conception, personal or professional coaching, couples assistance to understand problems in the relationship, guidance for solving specific challenges using the astral chart, personalized astrology classes and astrology training courses.

Schedule your online consultation right now with the best Astrologer Márcia Fevienza

Astrologia com Márcia Fervienza

  • Recomenda datas mais favoráveis para abrir empresa, casar, lançar um p...

    1 hr

    780 Reais brasileiros
  • Investigue a fundo seu relacionamento com aquele alguém especial.

    1 hr 15 min

    780 Reais brasileiros
  • Leitura completa da sua personalidade para autoconhecimento.

    1 hr 15 min

    780 Reais brasileiros
  • Leitura dos eventos mais importantes do seu ano pessoal.

    1 hr 15 min

    780 Reais brasileiros
  • O que esperar para os próximos 12 meses? Saiba em detalhes!

    1 hr 15 min

    780 Reais brasileiros
  • Revolução Lunar: Seu Guia Mensal no Céu!

    1 hr

    780 Reais brasileiros
  • Recomenda datas mais favoráveis e desfavoráveis para concepção.

    1 hr 15 min

    650 Reais brasileiros
  • Taxa de remarcação para atendimentos perdidos pelo cliente

    1 hr

    250 Reais brasileiros
  • Escolhendo um céu melhor para alcançar seus objetivos a partir da sua ...

    45 min

    350 Reais brasileiros


About values:

The prices charged on this website for any services and/or products are valid for residents of Brazil. For hiring or appointments for residents abroad, please contact us via WhatsApp +55 (21) 988096387 or E-mail:

About appointments:  

a) a) Occasionally, we will open service on Fridays or outside of Marcia's regular service.
b) ⁠The cost of the consultation will be R$ 980.00, for residents in Brazil.
c) If you live in another country, contact us via Whatsapp
+5521988096387 (Contact Marcelle) or email:

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