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Astral Map Reading


Practical Map Reading Class - Thursdays at 7pm

Discover the fascinating universe of Birth Chart Readings with renowned astrologer Márcia Fervienza. Learn to interpret the secrets of the stars and deepen your knowledge of astrological analysis.

Do you know what an Astral Map Reading is?

Do you know what an Astral Map Reading is? A Birth Chart reading is an astrological analysis that examines the position of the planets at the time of your birth. This interpretation reveals information about your personality, characteristics, tendencies, challenges and opportunities

Relógio astronómico

Hmm... do you want some reasons to learn from Márcia? So let's go!


Renowned Experience

Márcia Fervienza is one of the best astrologers in Brazil, with years of experience and contributions to large portals and renowned media.


Question opportunity

You can ask questions, explore specific details, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of astrology.


Personal Supervision

You will receive direct guidance from an expert, who will guide you to understand the Birth Chart and provide important insights.


Astral Community

Connect with other astrology enthusiasts during sessions, sharing experiences and knowledge.


Continuous Knowledge

The weekly sessions allow you to progressively deepen your astrological knowledge, making you a more skilled astrologer.


Affordable Access

Weekly supervision is offered at an affordable price, making quality astrological education accessible to everyone.

Do not miss this opportunity! Sign up now for weekly supervision. Every Thursday, from 7pm to 8pm (Brasília time).

Venture into astrology and unravel the mysteries of the Astral Map!

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Márcia Fervienza Astrology
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