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Consult your birth chart with an astrologer

Monica S. Argentina

The combination of astrologer and psychologist makes her a very special professional, in addition to being a wonderful human being.

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German G. Uruguay

I totally recommend her as a psychologist and coach. Thanks to your presence and active listening, I felt cared for and accompanied,
above all understood.

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Stella L., USA

She is willing to take risks to help her clients explore deep feelings and work through intense emotions.

Alessandra de Souza.png

Alessandra de Souza

“It's incredible the way Márcia manages to bring us this clarity, I thought this course was incredible, it makes us clearly observe our relationships and provides us with content for our services... I loved it”

Juliana Cruz.png

Juliana Cruz

"The 'Compatibility between Signs' Course is wonderful! I found it very fundamental in understanding how each one of them interacts with each other in pairs, in which places they converge and where they can find each other strange. My perception was that it was practically a manual for conjugation and adaptation, not only between pairs as distinct people, but a pair of signs associated in a single individual, I loved the approach in these two ways. My Christmas card is strongly signed by the Sagittarius - Aquarius couple and I felt completely described in the video about them.
I had never seen any other astrologer who brought this proposal of "It's not IF it matches but HOW it matches", destroying the sacred (and untrue) idea that some signs don't match at all and revealing this new perspective that tools we have at our disposal to make the 'match' happen. I loved! I already thought Márcia was an excellent astrologer and living up to her talent, she also swam in this project!”

Juliana Tanus.png

Juliana Tanus

"I would like to thank Márcia Fervienza for the care and dedication she has with all the readings. I already knew her through her YouTube channel and I fell in love with the way she works with Astrology. I have already done Analysis readings and I intend to do one every year Solar Revolution. Márcia's reading is always very enlightening, true and empathetic. Each new video has been a self-knowledge, and with the Compatibility between signs course it couldn't have been any different.
I highly recommend it!
Gratitude and Light in your life so that you can continue with this important work and of great value for our self-knowledge."

Juliana Cruz
Juliana Tanus
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